Contact us today for a free
consultation, plant inspection
and evaluation.  Let us show
you how we can improve your
sewage treatment plant's
efficiency, increase it's
longevity, and get your current
equipment working within

Our acute understanding of
various processes, and
innovative techniques can help
reduce nitrogen, ammonia, and
phosphorous getting your
on-site treatment facility
operating as it was designed.

Learn how minor changes in
operations, control settings,
and improved attention to
detail can save you tens of
thousands of dollars each year.

You've invested millions of
dollars in constructing a state
of the art facility.  Make the
decision to protect that
investment by giving us the
opportunity to act as Stewards
of your valuable equipment.
Our Services
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Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects (WWTP Projects)
Activated Sludge
Aeration Tanks for WWTP Projects
Aerators, Blowers and Oder Control Systems
Sequencing Batch reactors (SBR)
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bar Screens, Static Screens, Screw Screens (Screening and Grit Removal)
Purestream BESST Systems (Biologically Engineered Single Sludge
Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) WWTP Projects
Biosolids Storage Tank with Mixers
Cromaglass Systems
Membrane Bioreactor Systems (MBR)
Control Panels and Alarm Systems
EQ Tanks / Equalization Tanks
Extended Aeration WWTP Projects
Grit Collectors
Industrial Holding Tanks for WWTP Projects
Lift Stations and Pump Station Construction, Repair and Maintenance
Membrane Bioreactor Tanks (MBR Tanks) for WWTP Projects
Methanol Tanks
Odor Control Carbon Absorber Systems
Precast Concrete Tanks
Pump Stations / Lift Stations Installed, Repaired and Maintained
Rails, Stairs and Gratings
Rotary Blower Packages
Screening and Grit Removal for WWTP Projects
Skimmers and Flocculators
Sludge Transfer, Hauling and Disposal Management

Proudly serving all of Suffolk County and Nassau County.
Stewardship: (1) The activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something, (2) the careful and
responsible management of something entrusted to one's care,
(3) Our Mission.